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SEOmoz develops SEO software, provides a robust link intelligence API, and hosts the web’s most vibrant SEO community. We’re based in Seattle, but we’re often found traveling the globe to participate in marketing events and meetups. We’re also incredibly fortunate to have the most helpful and cuddly robot in the Solar System. Oh, and by the way, we’re hiring a few good people.

SEOmoz PRO The web’s most popular SEO software
We spend much of our time developing SEOmoz PRO, a complete set of software, tools, and resources to maximize your search engine optimization. PRO members get our campaign-based web app, dozens of SEO tools, webinars, and full access to Open Site Explorer. Learn more and sign up for SEOmoz PRO:

Linkscape Our comprehensive web crawl and data-services API
We’re also known for Linkscape, our system that indexes the web and generates detailed link graph analytics. Our index includes data and metrics for over 350 billion URLs and is updated each month. Linkscape data powers many of our own tools, including Open Site Explorer and SEOmoz PRO. Linkscape also includes a data-services API that can supercharge your application or tools with valuable link and site intelligence data.

Community & Education Largest party of SEO geeks in the universe
We have the Internet’s most vibrant SEO community with over 250,000 members willing to discuss and share the latest news about what works and what doesn’t. We love highlighting the expertise of our community through YOUmoz, Q&A, SEO Jobs Marketplace, and our Daily SEO Blog. Additionally, our community has access to educational resources such our Beginner’s Guide to SEO and the comprehensive Learn SEO section of our website.Check out some of our community & education features:

Consultants No More! We now make awesome SEO software
SEOmoz left the consulting business in 2010 to focus on our software and to build the best SEO community on the web. If you are seeking consulting services or need recommendations, get in touch with Distilled, our global consulting partner. Their top-quality team has offices in New York, Seattle and London. You can also visit this list of recommended SEO providers, gathered from our years of working with the industry. This list is created editorially; we can personally vouch for the expertise and value of the companies listed.

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